What Founders Get

Over $10,000 usd in training and perks for just $1500 usd

90 Days to a Legacy Agency

The Digital Marketing Blueprint Consultant Course $1500 usd

In just 90 days you can build the agency of your dreams. You can shift from 1 time, discount jobs to a sustainable business model with residuals. No not by selling SEO but by selling business transformation.

  • 12 Modules that provide step by step over the shoulder training to give you an A to Z process . Equipping you to replicate the blueprint coaching process. Giving you the leverage to scale your monthly revenue to live the lifestyle you deserve.
  • Your Own Agency Blueprint. Providing you with Page outlines, website wire frames that convert. Giving you first hand experience while improving your rankings and market visibility. Allowing you to start generating leads while your learning, and giving you a stress free lead source letting you enjoy the business you dream of having.
  • Pre Written and Tested Sales Scripts. The full outline of the script, all the documents that go with the script from the sales presentation, elevator pitch, 30 second networking pitch, and even a 6 min pitch. A mindset video showing why it works, A walk through video of Mike using the script. Allowing you to focus on closing deals and not on what and when to say things, giving you the ability to quickly start closing deals, increasing your monthly revenue and changing your lifestyle one sell at a time.
  • 3 Layer Funnel Template. With an agency needing 3 layers of content to communicate to prospects in each area of the buying cycle, we give you the outlines for these, and how the various traffic sources you will use propel prospects through the buying cycle. Giving you the ability to automate the buying cycle so you can focus on closing deals and providing services. Allowing you to free up valuable time to scale your business and enjoy your time off to relax.
  • Exclusive Access to Coaches. This is limited to the first 40 agencies in the group.

In case your wondering, NO this course is not pre recorded, it is not 100% done and polished and spit shined. It is a Rough, Drip fed, What you Need when you Need it system. It is fully outlined and based on all the things we have been doing and testing over the last year, and are now ready to bring it to the public. This course will be recorded and delivered starting the first week of January 2019, and run through May 2019. This is a 1 time payment for this training. There are no monthly fees for this training.

Blueprint Your Business Certification

This is an INVITE ONLY Course that is sold at $4500 usd

The Digital Marketing Blueprint is a scale-able business marketing Model.  To date we have developed 90 different modules for the blueprint. In the certification course you will learn each potential module. You will be given the related DEMO files, swipe files, cheat sheets, consulting walk through, client questionnaires, client templates, and all documents needed to shortcut the labor. We also teach how to price each module. You will also learn when to use various modules. As we come up with other modules to add you will also receive those.  We also will talk about how to adjust the blueprint pitch for larger and more detailed blueprints. 

This is the Step By Step blueprint training that would let you build a $40000 blueprint or anything in between a $3500 - $40000 blueprint. 

Content Casting Course

Previously Sold for $497

Fastest Possible High Quality Website,
Expert Content and Mega-Backlinks. 

Content Casting puts you 30 Minutes from Expert content that is not only fast, but also easy to create. Quality content doesn't draw clicks or get conversions.  To do that, you need experts answering Pain Killer questions.  We show you how to make that painless both for you and your content, as well as a client's. The best backlinks are anchored in expert content that draws the click and is published on high DA sites that delights the search engines.  A painful prospect, until now.  We'll show you how one strategic blog post can create over 200 (mostly) hand crafted inbound links, with very little effort.

Founders Club Impromptu

The Insider Secrets that are NOT TAUGHT OUTSIDE THIS GROUP

The Most Exclusive content we have. Only the members of the Founders Club will ever have access to this content. 

Just to give you a sneak peak. 

Mike Figured out how to SECRET SHOP competitors with REAL leads. This was tested and we pulled in the sales process of a 7 figure a month agency. Our cost to get this information was under $200. This is the kind of ULTRA Exclusive content you will get access to, and when we say exclusive ONLY 20 people will ever be allowed in the Founders Club. These are the things that if it gets out Google will filter it, so we will keep these secrets to ourselves.

OHH... and just so you can see how well this works. One of our students turned this into a service and sold an account within 24hrs of learning this 1 secret.  Not to mention he doubled him money back with this single 45 min. video. 

Mini Course Monthly

$35/mnth monthly training

As a member of the Founders Club you get lifetime access to this soon to launch monthly membership. 

Each month we will launch a new MINI course (2 -3hrs of training). Each course will include all possible relevant items. 

  • Over the Shoulder Training
  • Swipe Files
  • Cheat Sheets 
  • Sales Process for Service
  • Email Sales Swipe Files
  • Pricing Guide

Each Mini Course will cover HOW to do the work, and how to sell the work if its a stand alone service. We will also mention and show where it would fall into the overall blueprint. 

Courses Currently Being Built

  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Funnel Development
  • Mikes 6 Stack SILO Process (ONLY AT BTS) 
  • Schema Mastery
  • Local SEO Mastery 
  • Marketing Automation 
  • Email Marketing
  • Neuro Stacked Offer Optimization
  • Networking Group Ninja Tactics (this will include a PLR book that you can PRINT and use)

This monthly membership also includes the Monthly "Full Stack Update" Webinar and Replays. 

and MORE than I want to talk about.

You Have seen 6400 in training listed. We aren't done.

As a Member of the Founders Club you will also get to attend the Live Certification Event 5k+ and only need to provide for your travel expenses. 

You will be on the short list for leads that come in through the organization from Mikes Public speaking. 

You will get added to a Business Directory that we are building for those who are Certified Blueprinting Consultants. 

You will get FREE access to Workshops. We have 2 in the works currently.  One will be a 3 day Wordpress Developer Workshop (where you will learn how to build out and design a site start to finish and learn how to REALLY get around with all the tech.) . We are also working on a 2 day workshop on helping clients build an elevator pitch.  These workshops will be sold from $497 - $997 

You will also get first access to SMALL Group Live events. We are planning on doing 3 day events for groups of up to 5 people. These will be very HANDS ON and very detail oriented. They will only be available to  Certified Consultants, and members in the Founders Club will have first pick. We will give you a week to reserve your seat prior to those outside of the founders club knowing the event is being planned. 

We are developing software. You will get BETA access, and will be able to purchase it at special pricing. 

And so much more. The founders club is the best deal out there for Digital Agencies. 

Only 14 Spots Left

Get Everything for $1500, and more that will never be shared outside of this inner circle group.

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